About Us

Our Background

Aulik Multimedia is an Information Technology and Web Development consulting company owned by Mike Aulik. Mike has a degree in Electrical / Computer engineering and has worked as a technology professional both as a corporate software engineer and as an independent consultant since getting his Electrical Engineering degree in 1992 from Washington University in St. Louis. Mike has done extensive continuing education in Software Engineering and web technologies and continues to study current best practices regularly. Aulik Multimedia provides the full spectrum of web design and development services. What differentiates it from its competitors is the fact that Mike Aulik has an extensive background in Software Engineering, Database Development, and media production.

This strong background in digital engineering and information technology has allowed Aulik Multimedia to create solutions for clients that go far beyond what a typical graphic designer turned web consultant can handle. Information technology and web based solutions can provide a small business with a strong advantage, allowing them to see the big picture and streamline their own efforts. Having the ability to integrate these technologies into an attractive and fully functional system is what gives clients of Aulik Multimedia an advantage. And even though Aulik Multimedia has a mission to master the most relevant new technologies for helping small to medium businesses, Mike has never lost sight of the fact that businesses are run by people that usually don’t know that much about technology. Mike has a talent for down to earth explanations and communication with all of his clients and they appreciate him for it.

Quality Custom Solutions

We don't just do cookie cutter solutions. Aulik Multimedia takes on each new client with the full process in mind. When a customer wants a project done, we take the time to do a deep dive and get to know the big picture of the business. We take time for one on one meetings, in person, with the owners to get the info needed to best represent their business in the digital world.

We take a look at the whole picture of how your business functions and what needs to be done to create a mobile friendly presence. We also look at the main processes that are in place to see if there is a possible area for efficiency boosts from mobile and cloud based solutions. When the whole business is looked at as a combined entity, cookie cutter solutions will not work. A custom system of solutions that is built on the exact business you are running can reap great rewards for time and cash challenged small businesses. We take pride in empowering the little guy.