Internet Marketing Evaluations

Aulik Multimedia offers evaluations of the Internet services already being used by small businesses. Services like YP, internet marketers, and seo providers have gotten away with a lot of failures to deliver what was promised. Aulik Multimedia has a track record of finding holes and blatant fraud being committed by many service providers. We have audited many service providers for small businesses and stopped financial bleeding from damaging unsuspecting non technical business owners. We can provide a deep analysis of how your Internet services are being delivered. By taking a deep look at web traffic sources and comparing to claimed results from service providers, we can see if they are really delivering what was promised.

Small Business IT Evaluations

By using cloud based services such as Google Apps for Business, small businesses can see great increases in the efficiency of their operations. Aulik Multimedia can help the little guys take advantage of systems used by large corporations and universities. This can have a great impact on the bottom line and create competitive advantage.