Aulik Multimedia

Web Design and More

Aulik Multimedia brings years of professional experience creating solutions for small businesses. We have provided solutions in Web Development and Design, Mobile Development, Search Engine Optimization, and custom application programming.

Owned by a degreed Electrical Engineer with over 2 decades of Software Engineering and IT experience, Aulik Multimedia is dedicated to delivering current best practices with Internet and Mobile solutions. The world of the digital web is changing rapidly. Aulik Multimedia works aggressively to stay current with the best technologies. We strive to create the best use of technology that fits the business. Sometimes it is just as important to decide NOT to use something, even if it is a current buzz word being thrown around in the technology world. The best solutions are the ones that fit your business and empower your people.

Breaking Down Barriers

We specialize in focused solutions that make the internet and mobile technology work for small business. Business owners can get the benefits without being bogged down with headaches. When we work with clients, we do a deep dive into their business covering what they offer, their competition, and their business processes. The solutions we come up with are an integration of several components that help small businesses market and fucntion more effectively.

The explosive growth in mobile smart phone and tablet use means that a website will be viewed using many different devices. The modern business needs to be able to present their brand accross a variety of devices and platforms. Aulik Multimedia focuses on the most cross paltform technologies to help small businesses have a presence on the modern web.