Mobile Design

Mobile Friendly Sites

Aulik Multimedia makes use of current best practices in Mobile Friendly Site Design and Responsive Web Design. If you are in need of a dedicated separate mobile site or a responsive site, Aulik Multimedia has you covered. All of the Mobile Friendly projects completed by us pass the Google Mobile Friendly site test. As the world becomes increasingly mobile, the need to have a mobile friendly site increases. The eyes on your brand are coming from mobile devices more and more every day.

As of early 2015 Google has started adjusting the search engine rankings of sites based on their mobile friendly design. It is a top priority for all businesses that want to rank in Google to have a mobile friendly site. Aulik Multimedia makes use of the best practices in mobile friendly site designs and responsive designs. We are dedicated to delivering a quality presence for all of our clients to help them compete in the mobile landscape.

Dedicated Mobile Apps

Aulik Multimedia can also help with a dedicated mobile app on the Android platform. Using a combination of custom build tools and the Microsoft Azure Mobile Backend, we can help create a custom dedicated app for your business. These types of apps go into a deeper custom need than just a website. They are a good fit for custom business applications that streamline your work flows between business and customers or business to business. The combination of the latest best practices in design, with the reliable Microsoft Azure platform for the backend, will make your project a success.

Aulik Multimedia has the knowledge and experience to do a top quality job on whatever kind of project fits your business strategy. If you choose Aulik Multimedia for your Mobile Friendly website or your custom dedicated Android app, we will leave you with a top quality project your business can grow from.